Hellos again readers. I tried to think of a clever title for this one. It was worth a shot. Any who, as you may of guessed, this post is around 3D printing! Another hobby/tool/toy I have been dabbling with for nearly over a year now (to be honest, it has been sat buried under cables and crap whilst the house has been painted/carpeted for the past few months!).

This post will be the start of many, hopefully documenting and showing off some of the marvellous things the AnyCubic can print as well as some future modifications. Mods in question:

  • TMC2208 Stepper Drivers - I'm aiming to replace the stock ones in favour of these. They will make the printer quieter, stable and use less power.
  • Fan Replacement - Shit can get loud when printing.
  • LED Lighting - I had a make shift LED strip setup using gaffer tape. Something more permanent perhaps. Also needs to be hooked up internally.
  • Hotend/Extruder - There are a few options out there. May even have a look into dual extruders (dual colour).
  • Raspberry Pi OctoPrint - Damm I've got enough lying around. Hook the printer up to OctoPrint and will be able to control and monitor remotely.
  • Replacement Faceplate - Pulling off the stock sticker and replacing with custom 3D printed faceplate.
  • Other Bits and Bobs ...

All of that to come in the future (when I can be arsed).

After a quick dust down and levelling it was time to print! As a habit and to ensure everything is working smoothly, I print a 'test' print. This is a small laptop webcam cover which only takes around 3-4 minutes to print but ensures that the print bed is level and gets the filament flowing smoothly. As you can see below, the first print didn't come out as expected. From previous prints I could tell that the bed was too low. After close inspection, the hotend tip still had a few millimetres of melted PLA from the previous print, ultimately raising the tip higher.

Pretty shit image to be honest.

Once extruder heated up, hotend tip cleaned and bed re-levelled it printed perfectly.

Another shit image (probably shit lighting. I don't know, I'm not a photographer. Trust me, it came out perfect.)

Now it is ready for the main print! Being conscious that it hasn't seen any action for a while, I didn't want to print anything that took too long, so I chose a relatively quick and small print. With it being a Sunday and a new Game of Thrones episode only 1 sleep I thought I would print something to that tune. Behold, a Hand of King pin from Game of Thrones (obviously not my design, thank this chap here). It took only 40 minutes to print with 2.8 meters of PLA (7g) and a cost of £0.11.

I'm going to print a few more of these out today so I can tweak a few settings in between each print and ultimately get a perfect result.

Now the printer is up and running, I should be able to start knocking up some posts and get some nice bits printed!

P.S: I mainly use Thingiverse to find all my prints. Check out my collction here.