Greetings you, thanks for stopping by. This title will probably make no sense (especially WAN Parties) to most, but if you're a old school PC gamer like your boy SWAKES here, then you would of probably heard of Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 (Yuri's Revenge is the expansion pack).

An absolute classic from way back in 2000, Red Alert 2 is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and a personal favourite of mine. Aim of the game? Obviously there is a story line with nasty Russians playing the bad guys, but mostly it centres on using resources to build units and defeat your opponent/s. I play either Skirmish's (local game against AI players) to kill time or host good old fashioned LAN parties when I've got the space and machines!

So why have I gone through the effort of knocking up this post you ask? Well nowadays having time and a free house to host 8-10 machines and players is a rarity. Most recently a friend of mine posed the question 'Can we play remotely?' Using the Multiplayer feature died back in 2005 (thanks EA) and the LAN feature only works with a file fix due to the retro TCP/IP protocol it uses from back in Windows 95 days (yes its that old). So I had a dabble with a VPN connection, setup on both my router and OpenVPN server hosted on a VM. No luck. Back to Google and the first result for 'Red Alert 2 Online' was Annoying because I had already checked this site out and was convinced at the time that it wasn't free. It was there all along! A fucking easy setup and works like a charm!

So if you are interested in playing some classic C&C online, come this way ...

Thing You'll Need

  • Windows 7/10 - Wow, not Linux for once! There is a way to setup this up on Linux, find out and let me know.
  • Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge - You will need a copy in order to play. Check here or 'ask a friend'.
  • Tiberian Sun - This has been released for free and available here.
  • CnCNet - There are different installers depending on which game: Red Alert 2 YR | Tiberian Sun

So assuming you've installed RA2 Yuri's Revenge or Tiberian Sun, the next and probably last part is to install CnCNet, depending of which game you want to play (I've included the others which are also supported ):

Now you have chosen and downloaded the relevant installer, you guessed it, it's time to install. Depending on how you've installed the game, make a note of the location as the CnCNet installer needs to be in the game directory (C:\Westwood\SUN).

NOTE: I advise opening the installer in 'Run as Administrator'. Myself and a few peeps have a few errors pop up whilst installing. You should be able to 'Ignore' most of them. If Windows 'Smart Screen' (blue window) security bollocks comes up, click 'More Info' then 'Run'.

So. Hopefully we're finally there! If CnCNet hasn't loaded after the install, check your game directory for an .exe along the lines of this filename: 'CnCNetYRLauncher.exe'. Probably best to run that as admin as well. One other little note ... After launching for the first time, a Windows Firewall request will pop up behind the game, accept that to shut it up. When you do eventually get there, you'll need to 'login', simply choose a nickname.

Now we're cooking on gas. This is the game lobby. From here you can see Rooms on the left, Users on the right and the chat window in the middle (completely missed the chat during screenshot and upload). If you want to join an open or private game, select on the left and click 'Join Game' bottom left. Otherwise to create or host a game, click 'New Game' bottom right.

Next create a name for the Room and password (unless you want to play with random's)

If you've played Skirmish mode in C&C before you'll notice it looks familiar. However in our case there are a few more handy settings! I'm not going to go into details apart from when you and the party are all set, smash that 'I'm Ready' button at the bottom left. The game will load straight into the match and boom! Happy battling!