You can do/fix/make anything with a little help from Google. I've got to admit that even to this day my HTML/CSS is pretty wack. Saying that, I'm pretty proud with what I've managed to create and bodge together so far. However I have probably dug myself into a bigger rabbit hole more than I expected with this next project.

As always there needs to be some context ... For the past 1/2 years I've helped on and off with building and looking after my uncles mental health charity website. As he has already fell into the GoDaddy trap and signed up for a domain name and hosting, I built a WordPress site and got it up and running. There were two issues already. The first was the domain name and probably the longest I've ever seen ( Damm. The second was that he signed up for hosting in the US, resulting in the site being dog shite slow.

Starting to look like it was built with Microsoft Frontpage

Nevertheless, it's time to move on and rebuilt. Straight away I purchased a new domain,, and temporarily setup a redirect to the old URL whilst the new site is being built. Now the next thing to do is rebuild the thing. At first GhostBlog was looking like the main contender, then not long after realising the nature of the site (static, not a blog) and the longness of getting it to work, that went out the window. Don't get me wrong it's doable, but I'd rather dabble in something new and fuck going back to WordPress.

It didn't take me long to start looking into HTML5 Bootstrap Templates, more so Googling 'HTML5 Bootstrap charity template', on a whim, and Boom! 2 minutes in and I had found the ideal template, The Charity (and it's free!!!!!!!).

Setting up the site initially wasn't hard, created /var/www/nfow and hosted everything there. For now the site is pointing at a temporary URL until completed. Then I'd switch over to https// and the old URL redirecting to the new. Cool. If you wanted to have a ganders, the 'pre-production' site is Another prerequisite before 'Go-Live' is to sort out a SSL certificate for As used with and, will be hosted via NGINX and covered using LetsEncrypt. At the same time some additional SAN entries will be listed to cover, etc.

After loooooong hours of cutting out irrelevant modules, elements, slides etc. and replacing some content, the early stages of the site is done!

Not bad for an early start I'd say. None of the links or menus work as they still need to be built. An easy luxury when you're using a CMS platform like GhostBlog. After hours of building the front page, I soon realised I had to repeat this for each page (mainly body). Hey ho no worry though. All good practise I guess! With that said, most of the pages are static so they shouldn't need changing often, if ever, and the Blog will point to GhostBlog (for blogging) and Shop ... I'm not sure as of yet. Another long night of searching ecommerce platforms! For now I best crack on but I'll make sure to keep you updated.