You may have noticed (if this isn't your first time) that I've somehow screwed up my blog logo or uploaded a corrupted copy? Hahahahahaha nah I did that shit on purpose. Why on earth you ask? ...... Because I got bored, and it looks kinda cool. How you ask? The all powerful Adobe Fireworks, a handy image site and a bit of time.

I'm not going to lie ... I've done this before. I created a SWAKES GIF some time back, with the aim of hosting it somewhere. Now it resides on

And how you may or may not be asking?

Adobe Fireworks (search for 'Free Trial')

GLITCHATRON - Image Destroyer

So in my instance I will be using my original blog logo to create this GIF which I created in Fireworks already. Any image will do.

Assuming you've managed to locate a free trial version or are already an avid Fireworks user (tips gentleman's cap to you), lets open Fireworks and 'Open' your image instead of 'New'

Our next step is to select the 'States' tab between 'Layers' and 'Page' in the bottom right of the window. When we've done that, select the 'State 1' state and click on the  'New / Duplicate' button at the bottom of the panel (hover over the icons, it's the middle one trust me)

Bash that around 15-20 times, depending on how glitchy you feel.

Now lets hope over to GLITCHATRON - Image Destroyer, such a pleasant sounding site ...

Pretty simple site to use, upload your image and then select away in the 'Glitch Level', add some text if you want. Click 'GLITCH' then 'SAVE'. Mix it up between the levels, and repeat a few times.

Now we've got a stash of glitchy pic's, the next task is to import these into the states in Fireworks. This is a bit of a laborious task, but go into each state, right click and select Import. Delete the original image and center the glitch image in its place. Mix it up again and keep an original image in between a few, you know, just my recommendation, just saying.

Technically we would call it a day and create the GIF now! But we need to add some timings for a few states, to make it more glitchy like.

Next to the state name ('State x'), double click on the right column, should be showing '7' as the default value. This is 7 milliseconds. At the moment the GIF would speed through the images. To make it more GIF like, change a few of these around. In my example, I've kept the first original image/state as '800' (8 seconds), to create a delay.

Have a fiddle around, to test the look and speed of the final GIF, press 'ALT' 'F' then 'R' to bring up the 'Image Preview'. Use the 'Format' drop down menu to select 'Animated GIF' in the top left, then press the Play button at the bottom of the preview window (above OK)

Once your happy, export that shit! Damm you've now made an animated glitchy GIF for probably no reason! Niccce.

When I can be arsed I will create a guide using something open sourcey like GIMP. Tschüss.