Why hello Internet stranger, I bet you've stumbled on here and thought "haven't I seen this before?" (maybe not, probably not).

Your god damn right. SWAKES Blog has been a 'thing' since 2008 ... However it has never lasted more than a day. Whether it was a shite WordPress setup or an attempt at hosting something in 'the cloud', nothing really stuck ... Until now!!!

Welcome to blog.swakes.uk, home of everything SWAKEY and running on a nice little platform called Ghost Blog.

So with all that filibustering crap out the way, what you going to expect on SWAKES blog? Well ... To be honest ... Nothing much for a bit whilst I still finalise the grand master task of 'organising my network'. Saying that I'm not going to leave you hanging ... Here are some projects that I've got lined up ...

Consists of a Raspberry Pi, Dymo Label Printer and some coding magic to create a locally accessed 'print portal', capable of printing customisable address, food and other general labely labels. Also it'll be able to print out Guest WiFi voucher codes via UniFi for any guests at  SWAKES manor.

LEGO Train Shelf

You heard right. Why not? Got all the parts ready ... Just need to document the build and electronics. It'll be powered by a nodeMCU, emitting an IR signal to control the train via sensor and also control a 10m WS2812b RGB strip

The big one ... Home Assistant

I have been dabbling with HA for around some time now and I've essentially desgined and built my entire home automation system around it. Plenty of posts/guides to come

There is more to come when I've got more time! Going to push this thing live now ... Wish me luck