Pretty quick update eh? Well, I've had two things to tackle over the past week. One was my SSL certificate expiring (also took to the opportunity to swap and tidy up my domains, less SANS and moved from to - more in a later post!). The other was a bastard run down cold. However my father gratefully came around on Saturday to (help) finish the final leg of erecting the marvellous shelf!

With two sides already up, is was only a matter of measuring the gap between and cutting.

Saying that there was also the brackets to fit, measuring up, drilling, just the shear awkwardness of trying to hold it up whilst fitting/measuring ... It was a hassle! All with a bastard cold.  Any who ... Have a ganders below...

Before I start all the electronic fun times stuff, I'll need to paint and sort a few tweaks and fixes. At the moment its QUITE LOUD when steaming along, I think it's due to the tracks resting on the wall brackets and laminate ... A little foam to level and dampen the tracks hopefully. Also I need more track. It currently goes about 2/3's of the way ... Too many curvy pieces. Shits not cheap.

In the next update I will hopefully have the thing looking prim and proper, painted and LED strip/electronics all setup!