So it's slowly coming to fruition, the all singing Lego Train Shelf! Not as exciting as it sounds. It has only taken me a year to pull my finger out and finally start to get some shit done!

It basically consists of a floating shelf around my office, supporting the all-important Lego Train. Each piece is supported using L brackets on the up side, then fixed to the wall, giving it a 'floating' effect oO0ooooOo00!

In regards to controlling the train, the aim is to clone/copy the current IR signals from the LEGO remote controller, and replay them via IR transmitter/s controlled by a nodeMCU (and then hooked up to Home Assistant). Shit hasn't been tested or built yet so that'll be 'phase 2' let's call it. Controlled by the nodeMCU (and Home Assistant) will be a long ass 10 meter WS2818b RGB strip.

With finger finally pulled out of arse, I've managed to get two sides of the office up.

For now I leave you here ... I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to knock up the other two. I thought I'd give you a little update and also an excuse to post something in the mean time!

In the next exciting post, I'll show off the final product! Hopefully including a lick of paint that WS2818B RGB strip I mentioned earlier. The whole IR Home Assistant magic will probably come later. Another thing/post I need to sort out!