Good morning/afternoon/evening to all and welcome back to SWAKES Blog! It's been a while since my last post and whilst I have some time spare, I thought I'd give you all an update (and some expectation) of whats to come over the next few weeks/months.

Just a little obvious heads up before we delve in ... You may have noticed that site looks a little messed up at the moment with a few images missing here and there and the overall layout/theme a bit shagged ... To cut the long story short, I managed to max out space on my VM (Virtual Machine) hosting Ghost (along my other sites) and fucked up the recovery leaving me to rebuild from my latest backup ... July 2019. Bare with me whilst I try to get everything restored!

ESXi/Plex Media Server Update

I've made some changes and tweaks to the PMS (Plex Media Server) since my last post so for my own sake, and others, I best document that shit down. In regards to server itself, I've finally managed to obtain 3 x 4TB WD RED drives and replace the old 3 x 1TB RAID setup. Huzzah at last! Gone are the days of "Is your Plex server down" messages and finding "34kb of disk space remaining" when eventually logged in. Alongside this was also a much needed RAM upgrade, a juicy 64GB of DDR4 goodness, however it turns out I ordered the wrong type leaving me still with the stock 8GB. I'll sort that shit out soon as I've already created the VMs I aim to spin up and utilise, some for example:

  • File hosting server using NextCloud (Ubuntu Server 18.04)
  • Monitoring server using Grafana, Nagios (Ubuntu Server 18.04)
  • SIEM server using AlienVault OSSIM (Proprietary OS - OSSEC)
  • Security OS (Parrot OS/Security Onion)
  • Security lab environment (Windows 7/10 machines)

Home Assistant

I must admit, most of my free time has been spent dabbling and constantly configuring Home Assistant with new integrations, devices etc that it's been hard to keep up and write this stuff down. Luckily I've already got a few posts in draft state so hopefully something will be published shortly! I'll be mainly covering:

  • Lovelace Design/Layout
  • Integrations/Addons
  • WS2812B RGB LED Strip Install
  • Zigbee/ESPHome Setup

3D Printing

I had a post some time back around 3D printing and not really mentioned anything since. This is mainly due to the current state of my office (shit hole), as the AnyCubic i3 Mega has been sitting under a montain of cables and electroncs collecting dush. However I attempt to get the old beauty printing again only to be greeted with a nasty jamming/cog grinding noise. It's on the currently list of TODO's however I aim to get it back up and running soon as I've already got a mounting list of things to print, including:

  • AnyCubic i3 Mega 'mods' and custom parts
  • Cases, holdings for Home Automation componants
  • DND scene pieces and extras
  • Maaaaaaaybe even invest in a Resin 3D printer

AlienVault OSSIM

With the new year comes a new career! I've finally made the move and now work as a Cyber SOC Analyst, leaving my previous role in the retail digital space. I've not long been in the role but already managed to stumble across and successfully setup AlienVault OSSIM. For those non-Cyber SOC Analyst people out there, OSSIM is essentially a security monitoring system which allows you to keep track on any device within your network and provide realtime threat analyst.

Other Random Ramblings

Hopefully mixed in with the ones mentioned above will be other random bits and bobs, with some already in draft (and have been for a while!):

  • NGINX - HSTS, Feature/Referrer Policy & Other Security Header Goodies
  • Implement a Content Delivery Network On Your Site Too! Yay!
  • Keep An Eye On Your Home WAN Network Status with BQM
  • Do You Also Want To Chat Shit? Why Not Setup A Ghost Blog!

Alot to take in there. Looking back after I've written this I've realised there is a fuck ton of stuff to write up. Lucky for me that some of these posts are partly knocked up already so I'll aim to get them out soon! For now I bid you adieu and hopefully see you soon!