So you may have notice a few other names (subdomains) on the left under the SWAKES logo? ... Given a try (hopefully on a desktop)?

Someone at the door? Hahahahhahahsdsajkdsak ROFLFLFLFFLL OLOLLOZ

I can't take credit for the idea. Stumbled onto this YouTube video and instantly rushed to see who I knew was on Twitch at the time ...

Luckily one of my colleagues was streaming, Rwaggy, but by the time I cloned my static site,, obtained the audio clip and inserted into the page ... It was too late. Maybe another night ... I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Changed the HTML as the audio didn't start on Chrome or mobile browsers (Google updated their Autoplay policies) . Manged to get around that with an iFrame snippet.

Also added an additional three seconds to the clip (using Audacity [Generate -> Silence]) ... Little less obvious